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27 July 2013 @ 03:22 am
Anybody Home ?  
It seems that a lot of you deserted livejournal (I'm no exception, of course).
I've been always there but, you know, the envie to write wasn't there.

Today, I went through my old posts and read the crazyness that happened in the commentary section haha I laughed a lot.
The first post was the one when I just turned 16. Do you imagine ? I'm 20 since a month and a half now.
Time flies.
But no worry, I'm no leaving from the Arashi Boat, I seem pretty attached to it :)

YES! I'm going to Japan in August for almost three weeks, for the first time finally !

Also, I'm present on tumblr, twitter and Facebook. Feel free to ask me !

Hope everyone is alright ! Let me hear some news, fellows :)

Still love all of you <3

PS : New layout !!